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Taken from 'Scottish Rap Re-Mixtape Vol.2' on Free Download.


What listen, this one dedicated to the forum
And wanna-be emcees that are nothing
Fucking nothing internet rappers
When was the last time you made money?
Or sat down in a meeting?
Or released six mixtapes in a year?
Like me ha...

Your all wanna-be's please stop calling me
We are not the same you’re not as hot as me
Plus Im cocky see I just mock you geeks
You’re a prime example of what not to be
(Yeah) So please dont talk to me
Same old same emcee commodity
With you’re modestly Im like mate honestly
If that’s all you got then give up on your odyssey
You try and stand out you use apostrophizes
But you aint got to shout out with animosity
Just say something real and get across to me
And I will get it stuck on my head like a cross to me
You see the scene seems sickening
Too many wanna-be's there’re just children
Its not rap if your writing a rhyme
I will tell you something mate get out there and shine

See you, your not emcees
You just someone that’s just claiming to be
And Im not saying you can’t do it for free
Just saying (Im saying) your not emcees [x2]

Im not slaging or bagging Im just rapping
But you’re claiming actions that never really happened
And that’s acting when you just imagine
You not like me you see you lack passion
(Yeah) Plan I kick like a magnum
And Im smashing you pussies like shagging
I be bragging and cant take a slaging
So dont slag me unless you can take a stabbing
Its like Im putting up a flare damn
S.O.S. wont you get us out of here man
We been stranded we planed it right here and
Yeah it hurts but I dont shed a tear damn
So will I sell CD's?
Or will you download it for free
Is it fair you pay for release
When to this day I never paid for beat

But your not emcees (Your not)
You just Claiming to be
Im not saying you cant do it for free
Im just saying your not emcees


from Scottish Rap Re​-​Mixtape Vol​.​2, released January 22, 2010




Werd (SOS) Edinburgh

Werd continues to work with artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Edinburgh’s top producers and artists as well as performing gigs at venues in the major cities. In 2011 Werd won Urban Recording of the Year at the Scottish New Music Awards held in Glasgow. Werd also records for many Edinburgh acts out-with his own releases. Hosted and co-hosts rap battles for SSU & Dont Flop. ... more

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