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Strait Jacket is set an alternate history where magic was proven to exist in the year 1899. The use of sorcery spread throughout all facets of society and changed the social and technological development of the world. The location is Tristan, an urban metropolis.


[Film Sample]

Come on Kapel Theta, lets go tell them,
I got to break out of this spell I've been dreading,
It's a concept that set-in,
Obscure, insecure, yet it's meaning carries lessons,
Bureau chasing legends, a foot like a f*cking leg-end,
I'm letting them follow suit, tongue tailored out to perfection,
A sentence in a second is a sentence to menace,
So sick of sacrificing life drinking Tennent's in my tenement,
I'm telling them, they'll get to ken, but seems they never do,
Got me spinning on the ceiling, fans hitting the roof,
If I change al loose you, If I stay I could die here,
I'm scared if I don't push it I'll have nothing to live for,
Ignore me, well maybe they tried,
But I need no introduction, look at f*cking supplies,
Over 25 releases, releases a little demon,
That's seeking to f*cking beat them,
But it aint no achievement,
Just rapping getting steaming,
And seeking for little reason,
Hating most I see in life, politics and the treason,
And media with it's lies telling me who to be and
Changing what I am inside, be deprived of a feeling.

I do this for me, if you like that's a plus,
So first things first, you do not need to judge,
And the, film involved, I never said was good,
It's just a couple quotes kind of matched my mood,
And bringing bars on the beats keeps me in a mind frame,
Don't need peeps, cheek, speaking all shnidey,
Find me, peach of a speech I provided,
So you can leach on as I teach the divided,
Scene, that grew from, too strong, moved on,
Can't be contained in that place so I proved them
Mong's talk and group on, all of your new songs,
Can't say who, (there's too many to choose from)
And it seems like it's like when I write I do wrong
And get left out, wasn't right to hang on,
So moved on from all the hate that you gave me,
And that made me, went and changed and shaped,
So lately you'll notice that my focus is on edge,
And I only care about one thing (S.O.S)
And I'll be here till the day that it's dead,
Or I become this demon that resides in my head,

(Mage, sorceress, I don't know which is which,
When witches exist and my mold is ripped,
I'm letting off a little stream like the city of Tris-
Tan, I'm Leiot, or Werd if it fits)

A character that hates himself (I relate)
A character that's lost his way (no fate)
A scene from an unseen script,
A metaphor in which I live,


from Strait Jacket EP, released March 13, 2013
Written / Recorded by Werd (SOS) aka Drew Devine at 'Sons of Scotland' studio based in Edinburgh. Beat Production from David Ross. Song illustration by Yō Fujishiro taken from light novel series by Ichirō Sakaki. Not for sale or re-sale. Free Download.




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