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Due to an invisible contaminant called the ‘malediction’, or simply the ‘curse’, people who use magic too often are in danger of transforming into horrific, malevolent abominations of nature, completely immune to ordinary weapons and commonly referred to as ‘Demons’.


His name's Werd, also Mr. Steinberg
Split personality, heard he hears voices,
Heard he had choices, nerves got him poised with
Another chance to make it and get it out my mind err
Wait a sec, stop.
I don't like the world (nah) I want off,
I'd rather create my own interpretation, illusion
A new plain of sight focus not constantly loosing
Who's in? Want to come join in my ways
And make way for, a day in day out on reply
Of beers, ecstasy, with weed next to me,
Sea bass roll a fatty, pass the buckie my way,
We're on this, with a slight toke,
Cross lines like a tight rope, mind is a sh*te joke,
That only I get,
But f*ck we're bright folk, not acting un-like though's
That's really pushing music so choose to invest,

(So) If I die mid-sentence,
That's ok, I'm in two dimensions,
Well, maybe 3 with the sound waves,
Frequency creates me, unfounded [x2]

An Auld Reekie resident who's petulant with spits,
On this I'm a menace, I'm wrecking what never was
Nothing lost, nothing gained, see the clock just ticks,
And f*ck a mundane life, it will never be with this,
Hip-hop sh*t, but all I do is rap
Some say I don't live it, but lyrics are all of that,
Fall back, I've never ever called c*nts whack,
Always helped and supported,
Not expecting it back (nah),
I understand the reason be, MPC to mp3
It's doing what you please,
If we all act the same, insane I would be
It's diversity on verses that's unlocking a key
(What?) Yeah, unlocking a key,
Cause the key is always hidden, beat ridden, adore see,
Ajar thoughts smash the jar of thoughts I be,
At one with ones self,
Went plan A to Z,

(So) If I die mid-sentence,
That's ok, I'm in two dimensions,
Well, maybe 3 with the sound waves,
Frequency creates me, unfounded [x2]

Why do I do this? I make no excuses
I'm useless, really need 2 try improve its
Harder each day paving way for the new kids
Don't let them take my place, nah, bullshit,
Who spits, flicks his tongue for your amusement
Is one dumb c*nt for thinking you'd be stupid
Not to check this, but sh*t, that's a nonsense
You never even knew Scots wanted to prove it’s
Not dead, so my deed, is to deid this,
Mic, let them see its, right and I believe it
Question what you will, but my will can't be questioned
Every single sentence is like a life sentence
Behind bars, I can change misconceptions
Expect a little lesson in terms of who mentioned
Benson's try n hold back is perplexing
Don't you know I'm doing it for you, its testing

(So) If I die mid-sentence,
That's ok, I'm in two dimensions,
Well, maybe 3 with the sound waves,
Frequency creates me, unfounded [x2]

Ok a got another verse, welcome to this other earth
Nothing left, this is Werd, baby am f*cking mess
Help me out, scream n shout, let me know you all about
Repping S.O.S. cause we lost and I said, once
Upon a time, situation might of been mine
But too much wine made Devine, go n change up his mind
It made makers of great shaped intelligent rhymes
Turn & misplace faith in a basin of sh*te,
That is mainstream, that am swimming against
Check this EP, it doesn't even make an attempt
How u gonna slag me? You’re a slag ye ken,
Cause you just f*ck about, don't even pretend
That you’re in it for the long run, go and jog on
I've done marathon's, lapping them, on every song
Notice I said song, you do tracks,
Cause I make a song, and you just rap.


from Strait Jacket EP, released March 13, 2013
Written / Recorded by Werd (SOS) aka Drew Devine at 'Sons of Scotland' studio based in Edinburgh. Beat Production from Sea Bass. Song illustration by Yō Fujishiro taken from light novel series by Ichirō Sakaki. Not for sale or re-sale. Free Download.




Werd (SOS) Edinburgh

Werd continues to work with artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Edinburgh’s top producers and artists as well as performing gigs at venues in the major cities. In 2011 Werd won Urban Recording of the Year at the Scottish New Music Awards held in Glasgow. Werd also records for many Edinburgh acts out-with his own releases. Hosted and co-hosts rap battles for SSU & Dont Flop. ... more

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