A Good Rhyme

from by Various (SOS)

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[Wardie Burns]
Or What if we just like go whats a good rhyme
What is a good rhyme man eh?

This is a good rhyme

[Wardie Burns]
I think it’s a good rhyme too
This is the definition of a good rhyme
A bad rhyme you will forget

Like who? (Not us)
Auld Reekie S.O.S. in the building building

[Wardie Burns]
Auld Reekie Scant Squad
Listen listen
See a good rhymes a good thing helps me in my mood swings
You can be a murderer or you can be a new king
Anything she wants anything man wants
Anything Wardie and anything Scant Squad
One day in Glasgow 1 8 in the Burgh
My good rhyme does get in sync like a plumber
You can paint a picture just like Van Go
And I can make a mixture watch the man flow
As I flow like paint on a woven blank canvas
Take a walk in my shoes thanks for the Stan Smiths
Brandish a pen get a writers award
See my pen is far more mightier than the sword
Come on eh Im Mone
We want to play at raps but these clowns won’t pay
So hey I need to start from scratch
Spit flows on a beat till they start to match
The art is back hit you like a heart attack
Im hard to catch an Edinburgh artifact
So fall back a good rhymes what I spoke see
A good rhyme keeps them in line like a coke heid

A good rhyme should find its way to your mind [x5]

Ken me? (Yeah) yeah mate my tongue flicks
Right on the bars bring knowledge like a pub quiz
Done this since thirteen on the drum kicks
Soaking it up like butter in a crumpet
Dump this? Nah I am the number one culprit
Not mainstream I am more like a cult hit Wicker man
On fire like the Wicker man
Take any spitter and you will see Im sicker than
So listen and see what your missing man
Us fae the game in the frame like a picture hangs
Spitting and you will get a chibbing Im
So damn sharp on the track when I (Spits) Spit it bam
Man with the golden puns not holding guns
I flow raw yours is over done
We are so hot one over son
(Have you got a good rhyme?)
Yeah I got loads of them

[Wardie Burns]
A good rhyme should find its way to your mind [x5]

(Spit it mate)
Now lying on the record isnt something I do
The Burgh murderer I was only fucking with you
I say things just to piss people off just to lift evil off
Make a list keep it soft as Im crossing people off
See the eagle aint lost the eagle has landed
Made a new home up in Peebles or Glasgow
(Aint you from the Burgh) Aye people will catch ye
Rappers rap anything as long as it sounds good
How could rappers now-a-days get allowed out
Its all guns all cash not about looks
Wardie wont flop at the bottom like clown foot
Quiet rhymes and an irritating loud hook
Soldier boy sucks dick he makes my fucking mouth puke
Sometime a good rhymes all in bad taste
And if thats the case you'd be last in the race

A good rhyme should find its way to your mind [x5]

Your mind cunt yours on mine cunt (haha)
I write a good rhyme for my piece of mind
So have a good rhyme have a piece of mine
Wardie Burns in the building

[Wardie Burns]
You ken how we spray it

And we building
We building mate


from Project: Auld Reekie, released October 19, 2009




Werd (SOS) Edinburgh

Werd continues to work with artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Edinburgh’s top producers and artists as well as performing gigs at venues in the major cities. In 2011 Werd won Urban Recording of the Year at the Scottish New Music Awards held in Glasgow. Werd also records for many Edinburgh acts out-with his own releases. Hosted and co-hosts rap battles for SSU & Dont Flop. ... more

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