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Production from: Zambian Astronaut.
Vocals from: Werd, Wardie Burns, ZA & Mog.


Check Z.A.
Its getting out of hand it seems they can’t grasp it
Clutching at straws drew the short one I've had it
a mastered n pasted it, Iv tried to make cash stick
And get doe like Homer like homers they cant tax it
Bastard - yeah no one fathered my style
You can’t imagine all the rapping through the eyes of this child
Just throw the beat on awhile, and you will see Im senile
You see Im seeking to be even, still the odd one out
And all my thoughts I shout, until I've lost my sound
And if you dont like it hen then take this cock in you now
Im in a field full of clowns and all their heads in the clouds
Just keep your feet on the ground or keep your name out my mouth
(What now?) You aint got half of my attitude
Attributes of a die hard extremist Islamic group
That’s blowing your market stood, writing to fragile loops
Of beats take the street this my government counter coup

It’s the rugged and raw rebel rhyming a rough riddle
Hitting like a scud missile rarer than a third nipple
Let the funk fizzle and the blood trickle from the gun pistol
Get it in your gub till your tongue sizzles
Outside or outlaw, outcast and I've got you outmatched
Outclassed out-rapped Move fast - or move last
Stuck on blues, grass, booze, hash
With your crew smashed as I cruise past
(Whose that?)
The Mog-Mister with the hot schizer
Got allot wiser since I swapped cider for some moral fiber
Raw and hyper spitting poisonous saliva
It’s the coiled viper trying to make a profit like Elijah
The top conniver no role model or advisers
Gonna stop me being snider than a baldy Holland striker
Fuck your backseat rapping always out to mock the driver
And to hell with your applause cause I dont need that bollocks either

[Zambian Astronaut]
To call this a declaration is slightly unjust
but nevertheless,
Needs must and thus
We progress from the darkness the obscurity
Abstaining from the norm and cauterizing the impurities
We kill this - We live this
Beats so tidy you can feel the strings hit
Whose on that? Just dont ask
All you need to know is Vagabonds

[Wardie Burns]
I spill rhymes on the world like Im oil BP
Im no cleaning up your bird, that’s a loyal she-be
So introduce the coil see a coil to me
And aye I fucking bought the Susan Boyle CD
See you know its, the cunt that sees the red mist
Get hit in the lips with a fucking wet fish
With the force of ten fists and surgeries expensive
The damage to your face sure does look extensive
The surgeon is back, fucking virgins in rap
And I really can’t explain how I put words to the track
No smoking in the club, but you know Im getting higher then
Im banded from the club, so call me Derek Riordan
Im looking at the bouncer like Im happy to breath
But soon as his backs turned Im going to stab him and leave
Everybody in the queue fucking laughing on the ground
Cause Wardie is a dingle tried to stab him with a spoon

We’re Vagabonds, you tag along [x4]
Mr. Lover man - Vaga


from Vagabonds In Space, released June 8, 2011
Sons of Scotland / ZA. 2011.



all rights reserved


Werd (SOS) Edinburgh

Werd continues to work with artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Edinburgh’s top producers and artists as well as performing gigs at venues in the major cities. In 2011 Werd won Urban Recording of the Year at the Scottish New Music Awards held in Glasgow. Werd also records for many Edinburgh acts out-with his own releases. Hosted and co-hosts rap battles for SSU & Dont Flop. ... more

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