Brazilian Remix

by Werd (SOS)

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(Rah! Ahhh) Luis Suarez get off me,
I'm trying to show skill and no-one gon stop me,
Put up a defence nor budge or block me,
Take aim in this game, can’t take this off me.

Carnival, carnival - Shake it like an ass on a Brazilian girl.
Carnival, carnival - Shake it like an ass on a Brazilian girl.

Feeling top of the world.
Like Götze I get it off my chest.
Like Götze I get it off my chest.
Get it off my chest [x3].

You MC's passing the mic like it's a cypher
But tiki-taki's dead need a German reminder,
I dominate the day when i dae what I dae,
So you don't get a pass like the joints that I make,
C*nt bounce, get away, body check, run away,
Spread my wings up the wing I could 'take you under' mate,
In both kind of ways, don't boast, it's fair play,
If I bend the rules then cry on the way home,
Real winners stay and the rest complain,
And pick out little points that never went they're way,
So get on the plane - that's as fly as you'll be,
I got a buzz like bee's with parasitic decease
I am Christ The Redeemer over Edinburgh son,
Arms spread light a blunt off the one o' clock gun,
The group stage is over I'm solo its my turn
I break my back for my team, I am Neymar c*nt
Enter the dragons den, throw away the script,
Cause hype in the media puts the skill in mist
I see some other rappers just aint selling it,
Like Gary Lineker guess you sh*t on the pitch
I am, fan favourite, but not by miles,
and nobody likes you, like Adrian Chiles
I am, Gordon Strachan telling the truth,
No morals in the game other pundits looking shook
Maybe I'm Ian Wrong with the thought I'm on
Cause I think Glen Hoddle is a f**king mong
I hope he's reincarnated in the slums along,
from the cracked glass studio they commentate from

Bomb Gaza, Bo-Bo-Bomb Gaza
Go-go faster, go harder.
Bomb Gaza, Bo-Bo-Bomb Gaza
Sssssh, footy's on and Gaza aint playing..

Carnival, Carnival,
Shake it like the home of a Palestine child
Carnival, Carnival,
Shake it like the home of a Palestine child

I'm high like in Netherlands, so high I never-land
Laughing till I cry like a distort Brazilian,
Viewed round the world but not in the millions,
Stand out guy - like the dude with the jimmy hat.
Ha, give me that, football silly cash,
Over-paid, under-trained, unafraid when saying that,
Amazing when I'm bringing that, y'all be tracking back,
Back on track, n smacking that I'm sickness on the counter attack,
Kick it in my field with the world cup buzzing,
F*cking killing c*nts like stadium construction,
Keep hitting goals, clean sheet, lost nothing,
Bring the pain back like the knee of a Columbian,
Weaker emcees couldn't weather this weather,
Need to wait 4 years till Russia is better,
But your stuck in the past, Africa fella,
And your not missed here like a f*cking vuvuzela.

Keep it clean like Japan fans,
picking it up, nah,
I leave the drum-kicks f*cking littered with f*cks


released 14 July 2014
Original Beat: Show N Prove




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Werd (SOS) Edinburgh

Werd continues to work with artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Edinburgh’s top producers and artists as well as performing gigs at venues in the major cities. In 2011 Werd won Urban Recording of the Year at the Scottish New Music Awards held in Glasgow. Werd also records for many Edinburgh acts out-with his own releases. Hosted and co-hosts rap battles for SSU & Dont Flop. ... more

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